Am i crazy enough to try this?

2008-03-26 23:40:54 by HotCod32

Well, i've not really done much. I can't remember what i lasted posted but as it stands i'm in the 2nd week of my holiday with a week left to get my project done and i've got nothing new that i didn't show when i was last in. Yay for procrastination. While i'm not a huge fan of my project the simple toy as it stands people seemed to like playing with enough that i'm happy that if i have to i can just purdy it up and hand that in.... but it doesn't feel enough. The virtual pet thing that started this whole idea is something i've been tossing around again but i'm not sure i could make it fun and intresting enough to warrant doing the extra work over the simple toy.

I took the first week off just to distance my self and relax and it worked thankfully. A lot of good stuff happened and has put me in a better mood and its always nice to let something just sit and come back to it. Sadly i let the sitting go on a bit to long and i've now about 3 days of work behind where i wanted to be. Then again i've made some rather imporant choices today. First was that i'm going to effect the background in the same way i'm effecting the fairy if it a lesser extent (given time) which will let me drop the colour from the base background which will let me tie each state together... That was something which was bugging me i think, i disliked how things looked and i have a feeling that it was the disjointed 'stylistic' ties with the background and the fairy... the base is by far the most noticeable in this since the fairy lacks any colour the colour in the background dose not feel right. Having the background effected by the fairys modes will give the whole thing a much better feeling.

Now comes the am i crazy part. I dismissed the pet idea but i still want to take it past a toy if i can and i've just had the idea spring on me to all but illustrate and tell an interactive story. It's a crazy idea that i'm surprised slipped me by as i was trying to distance my self from the last project in style i seem to have dismissed the story telling idea out of hand some what. Given that lots of people who also did an illustrated book last project and doing illustrated books again for this one... if in diffrent styles... i now feel kind of stupid for not hitting on this idea sooner.

If i can create a short story with choices that don't branch too much i can use the choices in the same way i was going to use the fairy as a quiz for example. It means i have to give simple choices in which you can go 2 distinct ways but give the users a number of diffrent ways to go each way... if that makes sense. So say you pick one path you can take that path in a way that would make her happy or sad... with maybe a slight change to the first paragraph of the next part of the story based on that choice but not an effect on the over all story other than on the fairy and the backgrounds.

Frankly thinking about it its becoming stunningly complicated in a number of ways and if i did try to do this getting it finished and working would kill me... to be honest the problem... and its a minor one heh thats jummping out at me is the fact one of my modes is now 'old' growing horns halo and in the end grey hair... not sure if i can make a short story that lasts long enough for those things to come in to effect... then again each scene she can get a bit older and i don;'t have to stick the grey hair in unless there's say a choice at the end that needs you to see it.

This is something i really really have to think on now... i would be mad for me to try it, given i'm thinking of having some one voice act the damn thing too... which is a good indication i'm no doubt going to try and do it... but in less than a week? its fucking nuts even for me.


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