No, no i'm not that crazy

2008-03-27 11:04:42 by HotCod32

I woke up before and thought over the story idea and while it would be stupidly cool i think its something i'll keep back. There is just no way for me to do what i'd need to do before the deadline its just to complex and the idea to cool to waste not doing it right.

So i'm left with just the toy if i don't do the pet thing but i'm not sure i can do the pet thing well enough or make it intresting... what i think i'll do is set up the toy and get that looking good and working well enough and then i'll see where i stand with doing a virtual pet thingy. Ah well.

but i just had a rather crazy idea that might bring me all but back to where i started. If i'm using the fairy's modes to effect the background then why not use that as part of a puzzle game along the lines i was first thinking about. If i let the user control the the good/evil happy/sad sliders i can then use that as part of the puzzle. So it would be that you say need one thing to do somthing else but the thing you need only exists if she's evil.

If i can do just one scene with a big enough puzzle to cover some of the mode combations and top and tail it with an intro and an outtro i should be able to get something that covers all the basics i need. Thinking about it i may even make it so there's a character that finds the fairy egg and has her follow him about... but that may be pushing it a bit... we'll see... but i really rather like this idea.


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