The ideas good, i just can't do it

2008-03-29 00:25:12 by HotCod32

I've spent hours at this computer today trying to put my main idea together and so far i have a basic background and tree and a house and a few bits that prove the idea is sound. The background changing with the fairy is wonderful i just can't draw the backgrounds i need... when i can make my self draw its awful.

The more time i waste on this the less time i have to do the puzzle part and i'm starting to think i may not even have time... which is stupid, if i can get that to work it would be a perfect little self contained demo of an idea and while the drawing my not be up to much the hook in the interactive idea i think is enough to make the project worth while.

That said i'm still going to give it a go but in deference to the fact i'm running out of time the whole thing is going to be streamlined some what. First of all i'm dropping the idea of an all out adventure game interface. It was always pushing it a bit but even the slimed down idea i was going to run with is being dropped and so is any talking or text or interface and inventory. It's simply going to be finding the right things to click on in the right order... that way i can just jump about in animation with out any problems. It also highlights the hook that you have to change the environment using the moods of the fairy to find the right thing to click on. One of the ideas that i've had is that you have to bring birds close to the tree, turn the tree to evil tree (click on it) and it will grab and eat the birds then do something to reward you so you can move on. I'm also going to have to cut down on the length... just see if i can mess with a few modes to show the idea working.

I think i'll have it so you have to click on the fairy, so she comes closer to the screen and then have some way of you interacting with her there to set the modes before she goes back to following the guy around... which reminds me... walking animation... yay... i'd almost forgotten when i started to like filming more hehe

Oh well, sleep now, get drunk tomorrow do work sunday and hope i can get enough done by wensday that i don't get my self kicked out again.


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