It's been a while

2008-04-28 18:13:17 by HotCod32

I did mean to keep this updated but thing have kind of gotten away from me. The last week has been putting together this semesters to submit. In other words the big deadline for the end of first year at uni. The big thing about this for me is that after 2 false starts with uni for diffrent reasons this is the first time i've finished a year and handed stuff in, it may have taken me 3 tries but god dammit at lest there's a chance my rather rubbishy work will get me in to a second year this time ha.

It's just been a hard week, i've had to pull a lot of things together beacuse i let a few thing build up on my, it was only this morning that i finished the last bit of coding for the little fairy toy thing i just submitted (8am this morning that got finished, hand in time was 11) which is rather crazy of me. This year they've put a lot of pressure on building good looking very much designed portfolios to show off the work which is a big change from what most unis expect from you in the first year at lest... and while it means a hell of a lot more work than you'd think to do right (and an arm and a leg in printing costs if you want it to look nice) its a very good thing and a very good habit to get in to. The skills of being able to build a good book are useful and very much a design work in there own right, not only that but if you keep on building the book for each project by the end of the 3rd year you'll have a large book that you can edit down to the best bits and so on.

Anyway i'm rambling, its nice just to be done with everything. heh


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