Entry #10

Why i will be submitting less to newgrounds

2008-10-25 16:18:20 by HotCod32

It's clear that i don't submit a lot but i think that out side of interactive projects most of my animations or at lest those that don't suck and i would put up here will no long be. Not beacuse i hate newgrounds or such, far from it, but simply beacuse i've honest to god fallen in love with after effects. I played about with the program some what last year but since the start of uni this year i've found my self using it a lot more.

The thing is that it's so easy to animate in flash and build the finished thing in after effects. The reason this is so amamzing is that you get the use of the 2 most powerful motion graphic programs for the relative strengths. Even in simple animations there is a lot that you can add or do to the finished thing by using after effects and i now don't think i couldn't not do it. Which means i'll be building projects in a new way.

I've already played about with this to some extent in my last two projects starting with the following


No flash used here, hand drawing, photograthy and a lot of after effects trickry but it was doing this that really made me think about what i could get out of mixing flash animation in aftereffects. Which lead to this...


While the project was rushed and i really don't like the thing overly much in that a lot of it is based off using after effects for tricks and some what corny use of lighting and other things... it really did show me that there is grate potential in using flash animation in after effects. In that I really like the wizard walking out of the darkens. Not only was that, i think, a nice little bit of animation but the things that after effects let me do with it i couldn't really have done nearly as well in flash and those that i could would have taken longer and not looked as good.

So yes while that thing was mostly experimenting to see what would happen and it's not worked that well, i've learnt a lot from it


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