Entry #1

Back to uni so maybe more stuff to put up here

2008-03-03 07:51:47 by HotCod32

Well well well, its been a while since i've added anything to the site and i think its time that changed. I'm back at uni and one of the things that they seem to expect of us in this new course i'm on is some times a few blogs about projects and research and the like and i was thinking about it and felt that maybe here would be a good place to do it.

Not all my projects will be in flash, so far this year i've only just started my first one that will be in flash (at lest for the moment) more on that in a bit i think. I'm not sure how well this place will do for the blogging bits i need to do but i may update here with bits when i can as it should be interesting to see how they go down.

As it is i might just put the odd flash based thing here based on what interests me and makes sense to go on a flash site.

Anyway i'm at lest back and about more than i was, not sure that excites a lot of people but we shall see.


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