Flash book

2008-03-04 00:37:35 by HotCod32

I was going to post a bit about the flash book i just uploaded but frankly its 5:30 AM and i really need to get some sleep. This is all due to the fact NG has and 800px width and i'd set up the book for my freinds at 1200... being the smallest size i could go and keep thing readable and looking good and being a faithful copy of the physical book i made.

Thats all had to go some what out of the window to upload it here which is sad, i've had to change the font and forgo any text lay out in favour of just getting the text to fit on the page. Its also degraded the images somewhat which also annoying.

But as it is its not an too awful flash set up of the book and it will show where the fairy comes from in the next project... even if it will be a different story with a less stylised world... to be honest setting the book up has just been my way of putting of dealing with the new project as like i've said in another post... its putting the fear of god in to me... i just really honestly don't think i can pull off what i've got planed but i simply don't have the time to come up with a better idea... i'm going to end up having to hack bits off the idea as i go which is never a good thing.

Ah well... i'm going to go sleep since i keep head butting the keyboard and its making typing hard.


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2008-03-04 00:50:07

ya l have a flash 8 book too


2008-03-04 01:00:00

Nice man, I enjoyed the style of the flash book. The music was really good too. You should put some of your bands stuff here on the audio portal if it aint already. Stay motivated, peace.