Time for a change

2008-03-05 12:14:44 by HotCod32

After spending the day in uni look over what ever one else is doing and looking back over this project and the problems i've been having with it i've made my mind up to do something different with it. The game i was planing was too much and in a style that would have been exactly like my last project and i feel like i should be doing more... and by more i mean in a sense less but different.

So i'm going with one of the very different styles i proposed and that left me with a bit of a problem... i always felt it would be a bit hard to do the different 'modes' with it but while standing at the bus stop on my way home i was throwing random ideas at my self in the hopes something would stick. I'd started to think it terms of making a 'toy' rather than a game and i had the idea of a 'pet fairy' type thing... if its going to be exactly that i'm not sure but it sparked off the idea i needed.

What that idea is is in a sense very much to do with the 'modes' in that when bring up your pet fairy you would effect how happy/sad good/evil fat/thin and so on that the fairy is... now each end of those scales can be a ful 'mode' the simplest one would be good/evil one end the fiary becomes an angel and the other a devil and in the middle she stays a fairy... now the fun idea would be that the good/evil scale delt with what the wings looked like and her hair with horns and a halo. So as you become more evil say, you get the wings changing and the horns start to apear untill you get to the full evil mode...

Now the fun bit comes from the idea that the other scales effect other parts of the fairy and so you can get say a happy but evil fairy... now this is something i can set up in its self out side of what ever game/toy context i put it in to... which is just what i need to do for firday now will be a rush but it should be to bad, with the system set up and a few of the sliders working it shows the idea the rest becomes framing that i can deal with as i get to it.

So yes a bit of a turn around and while it gives me a tone of work to do in a short space of time i'm far far happier with this as a basic idea i can expand on that i was with the other thing.

More updates, soon... ha


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2008-03-05 13:21:18

Good luck with that!