2008-03-11 23:14:19 by HotCod32

Well its 3am and i'm still finding my self not really putting the work in to get done what i had planed for tomorrow. Turns out i had the wrong date and so i've had over the weekend and the last few days to sit about not doing any work heh

As it is the drawings not very good on this project, the ideas there but the styles not and i've got no time what so ever to change it as even just building the test system means drawing... lots of drawing... Anyway the system it's self is fun and some what challenging i have 5 distinct modes in now (i'll do the egg and baby as well) but a few of those don't feel like "full" modes the deeper i get in to it. The major modes that have come up are the good and evil modes, which is think is fine as the main idea seems to be now that a fairy becomes either a devil or an angel.

What i mean is that say the happy sad modes are more changes to those modes than modes with in them selfs. Being happy the fairy glows and will fly about a bit faster (if i keep the flying about in, i need to refine that code) where as when shes sad she lowers her head and drops her eyes and has no glow and moves slower but applied over the standard mode they don't really do much... given that the glow changes colour based on the good and evil scale. I'm working on the 'age' scale now, which gives good a halo over time and bad horns and later or turns the hair grey... again in its self over the base mode it won't do all that much until the good and evil scale is involved.

I'm not sure how that is going to go down with the brief. As it is modes that are undoubtedly modes (that i should have for tomorrow) are as follows; good, evil, egg, baby, fat... given i may not use the baby one really and the fat one is one i'll only put in in to the pet game as a product of over eating that leaves me in a tricky place... its hard to make the other modes stand strongly on there own beacuse it makes it damn hard to blend them other wise. Which means over all i'll have 4 of the 6 modes i have... but then again i could always argue that the evilhappy and goodhappy are both modes in them selfs.

I don't really need all 6 for tomorrow but i need an idea of what they will all be... given time i can dump enough stuff in that i'll cover the brief but its still not exactly what i wanted since it gives me less time to make and game and not a toy.

My plan is now to get all the modes working in a test toy which is just slidesr and buttons on screen... then when i'm happy with that build that up in to an interesting looking toy of some kind. That toy when its finished should cover my brief as it is. If i can get that finished quickly enough i could look to putting it in to a game context but i'm honestly not sure i'll have the time which is kind of sad.

Anyway back to work really... heh i think i will run with the argument that mixing the modes gives you new modes which are based on user input... i can dress that up in a fancy enough way to make it an idea i can get away with i think.


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2008-03-11 23:47:58



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HotCod32 responds:

hehe thanks for the advice :) its nearly 6am and i've not done what i set out to do... still have the egg thing to go but i'm not sure i'll do it. Its at the point now where it's going to be so much easier just to stay up then go to bed and get back up so i'm going to sit about trying to get things done.

Ran in to a weird problem where i can't use the same system to her grow with 'age' as i use with every other thing... it might be that i just don't see what i'm doing wrong but ah well its something that shall be left for now i have less complex thing to get on with so i'll shut up and be quite.


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